Tuscan Way La Dolce Vita in Toscana


Tuscan Way started in December 1998, with a Tuscan father telling his Tuscan daughter “I think many people would really appreciate staying in our historic 900 year old 5-story 20 room home, visiting our beautiful medieval villages, olive groves and vineyards, and, most of all, I would like to teach cooking courses, specializing in our local cuisine, using my lifetime of experience in restaurants and hospitality.” Now, Tuscan Way has provided Thousands of visitors with a unique and rare opportunity to live and experience life, as it really is, in Southern Tuscany, Italy.

Tuscan Way specializes in culinary vacations, wine tours and custom designed holidays. Recently, Tuscan Way has begun offering general Tuscany, Italy travel information as well as villa rentals, cycling tours and yoga packages in order to meet the needs and wishes of a growing clientele.

Carlo Innocenti’s daughter, Isabel Innocenti, is the Founder and Director of the Tuscan Way office in the U.S.. She currently divides her time between Miami, Florida and Tuscany, Italy working to promote the beauty and tradition of her homeland.

At Tuscan Way, the aim is to provide a very personal, pleasurable and memorable experience that will leave all guests feeling invigorated and refreshed. According to Isabel, “this is accomplish by working with small groups (usually 6-8-10 people), introducing them to the locals, maintaining an informal family & friend atmosphere which is very effortless and natural for Tuscans and letting them witness firsthand the culture, tradition and land. We take our guests to discover the most “unknown” towns in Tuscany, away from places crowded with tourists, where the cultural heritage remains remarkably preserved.” Tuscan Way promises that here you will find beautiful nature, delicious food and wine and all of this accompanied with traditional Tuscan hospitality.